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Dodd-Frank Is Affecting Seller-Carrybacks 

On January 21, 2013, Dodd-Frank mandated rules for seller carry-backs on sales of 1-4 SFR take effect. However, If the CFPB issues new procedures before Jan. 21st, the effective date for the rules will be delayed.Under the new rules: Read More→

Short Sale Laws – Question And Answer

California short sale laws books

California Short Sale Laws and Rules

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Do I still owe the bank after a short sale?

Maybe. When you sell your home for less than the amount you owe against it, something needs to be done about the balance left over.  This is called the deficiency balance.  The bank can do Read More→


The Short Sale Process

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Comprehending The Short Sale Process

The Short Sale Process - Man with gunWhen housing prices in several parts of the country were booming a couple of years ago, there had not been much countrywide focus on short sales. But the current sub-prime ordeal and ever-increasing mortgage loan delinquencies, most people are curious about if the short sale process is actually a means of to avoid foreclosure and may be looking for short sale help. When considering the foreclosure vs short sale conundrum, several factors Read More→

California Association Of Realtors Real Estate Statistics For June 2012

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Sacramento Real Estate Statistics

sacramento real estate statistics red arrowSacramento Real Estate Statistics for Sacramento County compiled by Trendgraphix, Inc. show that new pending sales in Sacramento County for the months of March, April, May and June 2012 have for the first time ever, exceeded total Read More→

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picture of house with up and down arrows-housing market statisticsYou’ve heard that real estate is about location, location, location. Specially in Sacramento, California. With plenty of major metro areas, attractions, and that whole…Hollywood thing, California’s real estate market is something to watch and avidly follow (with popcorn).


And normally, the differences between NorCal and SoCal’s real estate markets are immediately apparent, like the differences between skinny hipster jeans and surf shorts. I was gearing up to spend an entire week researching each metro area, noting the subtle differences and reporting my findings. But imagine my surprise when my extensive data pointed me to an unexpected conclusion: every major California market is trending in the exact same direction! Read More→


I need To Sell My House

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home with 4sale tagSelling a home right now can be done by anyone. However selling a home efficiently with as much legal protection as possible can not be. Especially if you are in a situation of trying to avoid foreclosure and navigating the short sale process.

In this instance I highly suggest that you consult Read More→


How To Avoid Foreclosure

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Avoid Foreclosure Street Sign picture

In these tough economic times, more Americans than ever are finding it difficult to pay the home loan notes they signed several years ago, or even more recently.  The housing seller’s market a few years back gave buyers an ever-increasing confidence in buying real estate as an investment. They watched the price of houses skyrocket and 

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foreclosure stop signForeclosure Defense Secrets – CLICK HERE!

There are many foreclosure alternatives.  If you cannot pay your mortgage, do not despair.  Instead, be proactive, because the solutions are out there.  This article will look at foreclosure alternatives.

The first of the foreclosure alternatives I’m going to suggest is to simply Read More→